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Yoga Philosophy and practice
​Our approach to yoga is towards a holistic way of integrating yoga into your daily life. Yogic philosophy shows us a path to connect not only your body, breath and mind, but how to create a deeper connection to the cosmic energy; we are all one. Our yoga practice is never to get better at yoga but to get better at life.

Asana classes
Asana classes which is the most physical part of yoga will be the start of our daily schedule. Every morning we wake up to welcome the new day with 1,5 hours of asanas. We are always two teachers during the class as we have a strong focus on adjustment and alignment. As most of us are in these days living in a very materialistic world, a world where your senses are controlling your mind, asana practice is an excellent start of a path towards your inner world. First we control our body and breath, and then it will be easier to control our mind. Our asana sessions is rooted in traditional Hatha yoga, and even though a big focus is on asana practise there is other aspects as important in our daily practise.

The holistic approach
Asanas are only a small part of yoga, and there is a lot of other aspects to discover and explore. Even so, asanas are a good way to start. We will further explore pranayama – breathing exercises, pratyahara – withdrawing from our senses, dharana – concentration and try to make space for dhyana – meditation to happen. Using different tools we will explore our inner world, working with our breath, energy, as well as including philosophical aspects. We have a lot we want to share, but we want to create something that can help you to grow individually. We therefore try to include aspects requested from all of the participant and make every tour personalized to the group that are going. We can all learn from each other as well as the local people and the mountains we are adventuring into.

What is needed from you?
No previous experience is needed, but a genuine interest in yoga and its philosophy is essential. We do recommend you to try some classes before coming, to see if it is something that interest you.

Want to know more? Send us an inquiry and we will mail you our information catalog.

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