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The Team/Family ​

We are a small team in Wanderlust yoga, doing the organizing and teaching, being with you from start to end. We are following our passion and would like to share it with people from all over the world. In the retreats Marita is the main teacher, Sabin is assisting and sometimes there is guest teachers. In the treks there will in addition to Sabin who is the main guide, be several porters; one porter to two trekkers, local to the area.

Sabin Shrestha
Sabin is the owner of Wanderlust yoga treks and are with you from start to end supporting you with whatever you might need during your retreat/trek experience. Sabin studied IT in university, but soon recognized that he preferred a life closer to nature, where time is allowing for mindfulness and stillness. While managing a guesthouse and restaurant in Pokhara he discovered yoga and the immense peace and challenge trekking in the Himalayas are offering. He completed his yoga teacher training in India in December 2017, and is assisting in the yoga practice as well as managing the Nepali team. He is a certified mountain guide, qualified through the Nepali Government and the International accreditation organization. Even though growing up in Nepal, he has traveled a lot around Europe and Asia which has given him an understanding of the different needs of people, according to their upbringing and culture.
Marita Liverød
Growing up in Norway the mountains where a natural part of the environment. Even so, Marita’s passion for the mountains really took of when she first visited the Himalayas in 2013. Marita also finalized her first teacher training in India in 2013, and has since then completed several more training’s; 1400 hours yoga advanced teacher training, Thai Yoga Massage course, Ayurveda, Reiki, Pranayama with B.N.S. Iyengar as well as tantric yoga practice. Her bachelor’s degree is in intercultural communication and her master’s degree in sustainable development. She has been teaching yoga around the world the last 6 years, and are now combining her two biggest passions in life; yoga and trekking. As well as being the main yoga teacher she is organizing and taking care that you are all happy and have what you need during your adventure.

Most importantly: YOU
As we embark on our adventure together, we are a family taking care of each other. So you are an essential part of our team, we are excited to get to know you more and grow as we can learn from one and another.

We are cooperating with a local expedition/trekking company, which are providing us with all the legal paperwork and permissions that are required for the trekking part which are handled by them.

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