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Borneo – Yoga, virgin beaches, a paradise soon lost

As we are stuck in Nepal during this lockdown that feels like have been going on forever (1,5 months now!), we have had some time looking at pics and videos. One year ago, we spent a month in Borneo working at a yoga retreat centre. The northern part of Borneo is less touristic offering virgin beaches, beautiful nature and peace in both mind and heart. We were working with teaching yoga as well as creating awareness in the local community regarding plastic pollution. Unfortunately, the paradise of Borneo is loaded with plastic washing in all around the coast every day. There is no proper waste handling as well as the use of one-time plastics are worse than any place I have seen. One example of a result of the plastic pollution: the increase of jellyfish around the coast is due to the decrease in turtle population, which is a result of the plastic pollution. Thousands of turtles die from the plastic, many mistaking plastics for jellyfish which are their main food. Too much plastic in the ocean = turtles die = insane amount of jellyfish = no swimming in paradise for human beings (which is just one minor consequence, but one that many can relate to, concerned about environment or not). Borneo is just one example of how the unconscious actions of us human will have serious consequences, not in the future, but right now. The problem in Malaysia is not only due to the one time plastic that is used there itself, but waste from all over the world (especially western countries) is being shipped to be handled here, with the result of worldwide plastic waste being washed up in the soon to be a lost paradise beaches of Borneo. Start using reusable, such a simple action that you can do as an individual can really make a change, it all starts with me and you.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”.

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