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Thailand – for all the beautiful souls, who left an imprint on our hearts forever

One week ago, we were sitting on the ferry leaving the Island of Koh Phangan, as we were returning to Nepal and the Himalayas. After spending 6 months in Koh Phangan in the last year and half we both felt that we are finished with the Island. We were very excited the last couple of days to leave and go back to the mountains. What I didn’t expect was this sadness that was coming over me as I was sitting there on the ferry, combined with this immense gratefulness. I have no words to describe the impact on my heart from the beautiful souls that we have had the privilege of meeting on the island. As we had a little gathering the last night there, I was looking at all the faces surrounding me, feeling like I was truly in the presence of so many good hearts, unique personalities, amazingly weird, funny, crazy, kind, very special individuals that I consider family.  I have come to terms with the fact that we have had some unexpected challenges in our journey in Koh Phangan, which I guess have taught us a lot. Without this exact path we have had, we would not have met all these beautiful souls, who has left an imprint on our hearts forever. Thank you, to each and every one of you. There is no doubt there is a special place for all of you, not only in our hearts but in our conception of reality, as you have all in different ways thought us something. Growth is a strange thing, especially growing as a human being, sometimes you don’t realize it before it has already happened, and the words that was shared in a new friendship made sense in a whole different way.

To all of you, who I am sure you all know who you are, you will always have a family in Nepal, Norway or wherever we are in the world. Remember how awesome you all are, and that you are capable of change, growth and capacity to do whatever you want in this beautiful life that we have been gifted. Thank you for all your goodness and wisdom.

Love N Light, Marita & Sabin

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