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A Love Story

“You are my home and my adventure, all at once, you are it.”

Once upon a time, years ago, there was a girl growing up in a village in the far north. At the age of 18 she fell madly in love; the start of a love story that was to last many years. The love was consuming every single part of her existence, it was a crazy love for life; traveling, mountains, yoga, exploring and new adventures, a love that did not have space for any man. Her love story was filled with everything she had ever wanted; new places to see, new dreams created every day, mountains to conquer, oceans to explore, magical moments of falling in love with another part of mother nature that was yet to be discovered. Wisdom from a stranger, new friendships created, unique moments shared that you know will only be that once, so many living entities from all paths of life that enter your life and put a mark in your heart. Relationships would come and go, but no human love would be fulfilling for long, the mesmerizing love for life would always win. Sure, there was times of challenges and difficulties, as any love story it had some conflicts, like heavy fog to reach the mountain peak, unpredictable weather is something we all have to deal with from time to time. Every challenge that the love story brought, from being robbed in Venezuela to falling off the path of Annapurna circuit, arrested in Panama, punched to the ground in Zanzibar, every little educator of life intensified the love for adventure, the greatest teacher was and will always be the obstacles we face.

As in any relationship there is surprises, and after almost ten years of exploring her lovestory with the universe something strange happened. A connection of something not understandable, something different then the 10 years of love that had already been shared, seemed to occur. Frightened at first as we humans tend to be when it comes to change, it seemed like this was something that had to be dodged, and an escape route was created to return to the lovestory of her last ten years. But there was no way back, the love that seemed to be the everlasting one did not longer feel so fulfilling. The idea of letting go of the walls we all build up as a way of protecting ourselves, seemed hard at first but came to be the most natural thing to do. Letting in what was already there. When finding a connection that only amplifies your passions, your dreams, your laughter and smile, there is no doubt at all, the only feeling left is that THIS, this is right.

The idea of settling down was not considered an option on the path of happiness. The recognition of settling down was not a topic for the love that was shared, that was something new for her. The idea of sharing the love for the universe with another soul had not ever struck her mind. Realizing that the universe is him, and he is the universe as is she, that thought was more beautiful then any part of her previous love story. A love story that did not seem like a love anymore, but a journey of self-exploration to be able to reach the point of acceptance, and capability of sharing love as it is in its true form. Without any expectation or demands, just acceptance.

Thank you Sabin, my other half, for opening my eyes, my heart, my soul and my love. I feel grateful to be your wife.

“I have found the one whom my soul loves”
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