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Hello beautiful world!

“Adventure is out there!”

– Ellie, Up

So this is the first blog I have ever shared. My name is Marita and I started Wanderlust YOGA together with my significant other, Sabin. We are traveling the world as well as spending a lot of time in the Himalayan mountains. We are both insanely passionate about yoga, trekking, veganism and living by the philosophy of: ‘adventure is out there!’. We are offering retreats and trekking in Nepal some months of the year combined with sharing, exploring, learning, growing and traveling around on this big beautiful planet. We recently created a line of yoga products. Together with some amazing people in Nepal we have developed natural yoga gear focusing on sustainability, quality and the idea that the unique and handmade always beats the mass produced.

So my friend Belinda told me that we should share a bit of our lives with the world, which I am pretty sure wont be super interesting, but here it goes anyway. I will probably share a bit of what I truly love in this life, which is ALOT. I will try to narrow it down, which will be super hard. I guess it will be about traveling, yoga, adventures, a lot of the trekking kind of adventures, the amazing vegan way of living, the love of my life (Sabin is shy but I will sneak in some stuff from him for sure).

Until next time. Live happy, healthy, with lots of love for yourself and the world.


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